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    Sorry to bring up such a grim question, I am sure few people would want to bring up this subject, so I am going to bite the bullet.
    I know very little about surviving anything nuclear or fallout, I have often heard people say” kiss your *ss good bye* in this situation, but I know many people survived the blasts in Japan during WW2 and other fallout type situations.
    The more I think about terrorism and conflict, I really believe someday our country could have to deal with this situation, how come knowone is educating the public or our children in the school systems on what to do in this event, since it is survivable?
    Is it just too terrifying to imagine?
    It is survivable, so we should at least know what to do.
    I know from working in radiology, that time, distance and dense barrier can lessen the effects or eliminate them completely and you could survive and live a long normal life.
    My Mother was exposed to radioactive isotopes released from Handford 50 some years ago and lived for 40 years after, so I know things like this are survivable.
    I think it is time for the public to be more educated about surviving this type of situation, just as we practice earthquake or tornado drills. I’d rather know how to protect myself and not wonder about the unknown than ever have to wonder, now what do I do now.
    I live in a rural area, but hey, I travel to europe and big cities in the US, I’m not always weeding my garden.
    I found this video after going through miles of ancient garb on-line from the 50’s.
    This shows sensible, helpful and survivable information in a positive way without causing you to break out into a rash or go in a chocolate binge.” onclick=”;return false;
    What are your thoughts?

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