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    T Willy

    I’ll try to keep this post prepper relevant and not spoil it for anyone who wants to see it. All I’ll say is that the subject matter was so deep that I STILL can’t decide if I like it or not.

    “People had more than they needed. We threw away things that we’d kill each other for now.”

    Denzel Washington’s newest flick is something every prepper needs to see. The whole concept of a ‘post-apocalypse/nuclear war’ film isn’t new, by any means, but Eli shows it in a very realistic light.

    1. There WILL Be Blood

    It’s not a film for the squeamish. Eli doesn’t pull any punches when it displays the brutal realities of SHTF (armed gangs roaming what’s left of the streets or lying in wait, raping, looting, killing, cannibalism, etc.) For a historical perspective, just research The French Revolution or Russian Partisans in WWII.

    2. It’s Worth Its Weight In…

    The thing I gleaned from the film the most was the simple, yet sophisticated nature of the bartering system. Clean water, shampoo, towels and those little wash rags you get at the restaurants after ordering the baby back ribs, might get you places you never thought possible. Music devices (vinyl record players that don’t need electricity) and instruments may also be in high demand, as well as those who can use them. Finally, books. Yeah, books. Gotta escape reality SOMEHOW. Everything that makes sure American Idiot…erm…Idol…on the TV will likely be out of commission. But don’t worry, I’m sure the volumes on tax law were used as kindling…

    Don’t forget medicine. Do you know how to make aspirin from scratch? Me neither, so buy a lot or learn about plants and herbs that’ll do the job.

    3. Speak Softly

    Eli is a great conversationalist. When he walks into one store and is confronted by an anxious owner with a double-barrle shotgun, he calmly replies (with his hands up of course) “I’m just a customer”. This should come naturally to anyone who is usually polite. People can tell friends from potential foes by merely observing their body language and tone of voice.

    4. Strength in Numbers

    In one scene, Eli and his tag along companion take refuge in an old couple’s house, which is shortly besieged by about 5 or 6 heavily armed rouges in vehicles. Equipped with military grade rifles (AR-15s, FALs, etc) and home made explosives, they put up a tough fight, but are ultimately outgunned by the bad guys’ Civil War era Gatling Gun. Despite being forced to surrender, the enemy suffers around 70% casualties. I look back on that scene thinking, “If only they’d had a man or woman for every rifle in that house…”. Just goes to show why prepping helps!

    5. The Jack of ALL Trades

    Can you shoot a gun? Great. Start a fire with only a knife and flint stick? Great. Make a shelter? Good. How about hunt with a bow and arrow? Do you even HAVE one? What about a knife? Can you use it in close quarters combat? Do you know the vital points of the human body? Can you use a plastic bag to get water from trees? Can you kill and prepare game?

    6. Pick Your Battles CAREFULLY

    …enough said.

    7. EVERYTHING Other Than a Human is Food

    …sorry Fido.

    I hope you weren’t expecting a plot review. There are professionals who do that stuff. It’s a long movie, but subconsciously taught me many things that could realistically be applied to surviving disaster (although I know I missed something).

    Figured it deserved a post here!

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