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    Old Chief 61

    Here’s a some suggestions for little details some of us with handyman and repair skillsets may be overlooking:

    1) Eyeglass repair kit & jeweler’s screwdriver sets
    If you’re like me and you need prescription eyewear, in addition to extra pairs of eyeglasses, you may want to consider getting some eyeglass repair kits with several types of screws. “Snapit” and other kinds of watch and eyeglass repair kits are available on Amazon.

    2) Watch repair kit, extra wrist bands, pins, and watch batteries
    Having spare watch batteries, wrist straps, and a kit of tools to remove your watch’s screw-on or press-fit battery compartment covers is a good, cost effective investment to keep your watches working.

    3) Jewler’s files
    These small files can perform many sharpening and repair tasks on small items and saw blades.

    4) A stand alone magnifier with adjustable clamps and a jeweler’s magnification visor
    These inexpensive little devices are very useful for performing intricate and delicate tasks where you need magnification and free hands.

    5) Altoids tins
    They’e metal, very strong, have a hinged lid, and are a perfect size to store small, easily misplaced items.

    6) Fresnel lens magnifiers
    About the size and thickness of credit cards. These can be purchased in bulk quantities. Not only do you have a pocket magnifying lens, they can be used for other purposes.

    7) Universal O-ring kit
    These kits will prove themselves invaluable for myriads of automotive, small engine, and household appliance repairs.

    8) Butane fuel, Handheld butane torch, solder, flux, and a butane soldering iron
    These highly portable tools will work with no electricity. For those little jobs where a propane/mapp gas torch is too much.

    9) Assorted plastic/nylon hose, tubing, and clamps

    10) Assorted nuts, bolts, screws, washers, nails, rivets, a good rivet gun, and electrical connectors/splices

    11) Leather and rubber/neoprene/fiber gasket sheets

    12) Stove & craft wire

    Just a few ideas I sincerely hope can be useful to someone.


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