BUG OUT BAGS ('BOBS')-For Family

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    Do you have one Go Bag for your family or do do you have multiple go bags for each member? What essentials do you have packed? And is there anything special you pack?

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    I keep seeing 72 hour kit info come up on various sites lately. Then my FIL telling a story of a family members house burning to the ground and them left with their nightclothes really has me thinking more.

    I guess the first thing is to figure out what I am going to be needing one for. We would not hug out. But a forced evacuation has crossed my mind. We are close enough to the turnpike that if there was a chemical spill we would have to leave. We have family close but mostly within 1-5 miles.

    Three of my family members would be hard pressed to carry what they need for 72 hours if we were walking. Heck I might have a hard time.

    So getting in shape and practicing carrying small loads is on the list. Getting copies of important paperwork in 2 other safe locations is on the list. Finding suitable carrying bags will be on the watch for those. Making our emergency plan also. Often our teen has the van leaving me and the three little ones stranded.

    How do you go about determining what you are using this for? I mean I can load my van with gear which makes the most sense. Our garage is not secure and I’m having a hard time thinkin of a good place in the house. Especially in a fire scenario.

    Okay I’ll stop my yapping. Looking forward to some good ideas even if someone just points me to another thread. Sometimes I don’t pick good search choices.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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