The Homeless

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    The Orange County Sheriffs have started evicting the homeless from the Santa Ana River Trail.
    They found some interesting things:
    A “two room bunker” dug under the cement of the river bank. One room was filled with “a thousand bikes”. Authorities think they “where stolen”. The other room had wood paneling on the walls. Surprising, only one gun was found, causing a lot of drama.

    I don’t know what is to be done. Because of the weather, we in southern California do seem to to have more than our fair share of homeless. They seem to have had money at one time, from the quality of the tents, and over the last year I have seen an increase of young women.

    I fear we are going to see a pandemic and a big die off. Something mundane like emphysema, or Hep-A.

    I am not big on shots, but I may make an exception.

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