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    I just finished watching “The Hot Zone” on Nat. Geo. and it really has me thinking about the potential for these types of issues to hit home and spread quickly. The Hot Zone was based on real events of ebola and its landing on U.S. soil.

    Right now in Africa there is an outbreak, uncontrolled of ebola.

    So my question is this. What is your preppers advice on an outbreak like ebola?

    Thanks to everyone and I appreciate the ideas.

    Joe Freedom



    Everything this woman did:

    To paraphrase for those who have slow connections and can’t click through:

    Black trash bags (lots)
    Rubber bands
    Stockings (for hair)
    Gloves (lots, 4 pairs each round)
    Rubber boots

    Put trash bags over feet and knot, use rubber bands to hold the bags around your calves, put on rubber boots, put another trash bag over them, hold with rubber bands. Put hair in stocking cap, cover with trash bag and knot or rubber band. Put on raincoat and 4 pairs of gloves, and then a mask.

    The woman did this four times a day, discarding all of the trash bags, gloves and masks each time.

    I’m sure she sanitized the raincoat and boots for re-use, although it doesn’t say.

    She was also a nursing student and was able to start intravenous lines on her patients and give them meds she’d received from a local clinic. The article doesn’t specify the meds.

    There are cheap raincoat items in the camping section of stores, perhaps stock up on those and the other items, for an emergency virus outbreak.



    Thanks for the reply.

    I think that is a great list.

    I might think duct tape too????

    I have been lucky enough to have a friendship with a local safety equipment company who has donated lots of stuff for my search and rescue team. They gave me some “special” items for my preps, Including LOTS of surgical and industrial gloves, disposable masks and a nice respirator mask with extra high quality filters.

    Thanks again for the response. I appreciate it.




    We just bought two Tyvek suits at Lowe’s to add to our biohazard preps. I was telling Husband about the raincoat, and we looked at those cheap plastic ones you buy to throw in the camp gear, and they just seemed too flimsy. Not sure if Tyvek is bio-hazard-proof, but we can cover it with trash bags as an extra layer.

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