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    I am going to be hosting a 10 part series class titled The In’s and Out’s of Prepping!!! I am soooo excited to be offering this! I love doing my youtube channel, but really want to be able to offer some classes. I will be including information and ideas that are not typically discussed into youtube videos or most blogs…things like In Depth Medical Preps and Ways to Extend the shelf life of food storage, etc…

    Classes will be once per month on Saturday Afternoons. From the class, you will receive handouts discussing what we have gone over with room for notes, there will be a Q & A, Drinks and some lite snacks provided. The cost of each class is $25 per person; cash only. There will be a great deal of information discussed, so the duration will range from 2-4 hours depending on class size and questions. Once 10 participants have been reached, the class date will be announced. The first class will be discussing all things food storage including how to get started, how to extend shelf life, types of food storage, how to store, etc…Email or Text if interested. Email address will be required so the date can be scheduled – tentative first class date is 2/25/2017

    You can contact me directly if interested, or if you have friends or family who might be interested – you can also view the craigslist ad here:

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