The Problem With Remote BOL’s

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    A remote BOL sounds like a great solution, but is it really. If your in a remote location and don’t have the manpower to properly protect it, it could end badly.
    All it takes is a group to watch as you do your daily chores, then snipe you and yours when you are out in the open. Nothing is so remote that no one will not eventually find you.
    My idea was to find a small, like minded town to move to. Nothing is perfect, but with the number of like minded people here, the location and our resources, our chances might be far better than a family at their remote BOL.

    I also don’t have to stock two places or worry about making it to my BOL with whatever I can take with me. I’m already at my BOL location and it took a lot of research to find the town I did.

    Just something to think out.

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