The Royal Empress Tree, and why you should know about it

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    Paulownia trees have a few unique properties that make them very interesting for a prepper with a patch of land. What properties are those?

    • It’s a hardwood
    • It grows fast. How fast? how about 10-13 feet a year in it’s ideal environment
    • Once you cut it down it regrows from the roots
    • It burns hot
    • Leaves apparently make high protein fodder for grazing animals
    • It’s a light wood
    • They’re not half bad looking trees

    The cons? It’s a wee bit expensive and an invasive tree. So be careful how much and where you plant… For paw uses, this isn’t necessarily a problem, though.

    If you plant an acre of these trees, your wood needs for building, repair, and heat should be satisfied with room to spare.

    For more information, see the following links.
    American Paulownia Association
    Paulownia Supply
    Blog showing pictures in time laps of a Paulownia growing

    So, anyone have any direct experience with these trees? 😀

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