The Susquehanna River

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    Let me start off by saying I use to live in Pennsylvania but then moved to Delaware. I moved back to Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. Shortly after joining this group I became really dissatisfied with the information about fishing and hunting in the state of Pennsylvania. Most of the old hunting grounds I used as a kid growing up now had houses and factory’s and offices on them. I knew if things really went bad then I wanted the upper edge in knowing where and how to find fish and wild game. Common sense tells me the easy places would be fished and hunted out quickly.

    Don’t get me wrong. There is loads of good information out there but it didn’t give me the personal hands on info that I needed to survive the really tough times that I feel may be ahead. I wanted and needed some first hand information that would suit my needs personally , information that would help me in times of really tough situations, help to feed my daughters and their husbands and my grandchildren. I was looking for those out of the way places that aren’t very easy to get to or places so obvious people would pass them by. Being retired…I set out on my quest to find the information I needed through trial and error. Old Folks homes and nursing homes have VAST AMOUNTS of information in them just for the asking. Become a regular visitor at these places. You may end up there one day yourself through no choice of yours or your family members.

    The Susquehanna River offers some of the best fishing that I’ve ever come across. I love to catfish and the Susquehanna River has some nice sized fish in it. I bought myself a canoe and learned to find the best spots to fish and if need be hunt from in a SHTF situation. Many of the streams in Pennsylvania offer some great fishing for trout, bass and other fish. I was surprised at the number of snapping turtles that seemed to be in several areas of Pennsylvania.

    My fishing partner and I have tried several experiments with hooks and baits . We have been usually pleased with the outcome. One night while fishing up above Lewistown, Pa I was fishing with a new catfish bait but couldn’t keep it on my hook for any length of time. I had an old dish towel I was using to dry my hands off with. I cut a piece off the towel about six inches long and about an inch and a half wide. Soaked it in the bait and placed the rag on the hook. Naturally my partner thought I’d fallen and bumped my head….several times ! The first fish caught we felt was most likely just plain old luck. The second one caught was a maybe I have something here. We caught seven that night with them weighing in between seven to ten pounds each. I’ve used this method several times after that. Sometimes with success and sometimes without it . Got a feeling this would work great on a trout line left out over night.

    Another thing that can be of help when night fishing is those glow sticks kids play with at night from the dollar store. I buy the smallest ones I can get. I make a small one glow and then tape it on the end of my pole to see when I’m getting a bite. Now they are a major part of my tackle box. I’ve found a roll of electricians tape works really well in fastening them on the tip of the fishing poles.

    I’m pretty well satisfied with the information I’ve gained and with the places I’ve found to hunt and fish. Its taken a couple of years to get it but this type of knowledge is a wonderful thing to have.


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