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    So on Saturday my wife & I were at Home Depot and the person in line ahead of us was just leaving, he had 2 shopping carts of action packers. When we started checking out the cashier said the guy ahead of us was preparing for doomsday & was a prepper. I politely said that it made sense to have some food on hand in case of a emergency, to which she replied she had about 6 months of food & had just installed a wood stove. She calmly said that it was just common sense to have stored food & alternative heat in Fairbanks. She even went so far as to say that she installed a wood stove instead of a pellet stove because they needed no electricity. Her reaction is one that many in Fairbanks seem to have to the term prepper (my wife has this reaction) and to a nebulas doomsday. Everyone I know has stored food, admittedly most of them live a subsistence or semi subsistence lifestyle. So why is it that the term prepper invokes such a reaction? Has anyone else noticed this?

    Is this purely a reaction to “Doomsday Preppers” on nat geo or is it something else? Is it the religious overtones that the term brings up? We have stored food, fuel & ammunition. We can our food, growing hunting & fishing for almost everything, so it can’t be that. We store fuel in bulk because it is cheaper than going to town to buy it, so it can’t be that. When it came time to go hunting this year & there was no .300 win mag in town, I just went to the basement, so it can’t be the stored ammo. When Fairbanks ran out of pint jars in the fall canning rush we just went to the connex & replaced them later, so it’s not the stored supplies. We aren’t Christian, so that’s not it. Yet if you tell my wife she is a prepper she gets angry, saying that’s not funny. When I explain that people down in america don’t live like this and most only shop week by week she thinks I’m joking or that it is only a few who do that, and that the majority of people live like we do. It isn’t that she isn’t on board with prepping, she is the one that contributes the most input on what to stock up on instead of me just shopping the sales when I’m in town. So what is it that sets people off about the term prepper. Most of the people I know have never even heard of the term before or if they have they would not consider themselves a prepper, and just explain away their stockpile of supplies as “just being a Alaskan”.

    Historically there has been various disasters from the influenza pandemic in the early 1900’s to great depressions to EM pulses from the sun to earthquakes and hurricanes to war to blights and famine. All these hazards and more exist in the world and on and given year there is a chance that one may happen again. Is it just the term “Doomsday” or is it something else? Is it a fear of facing ones own mortality? Even my wife will admit that in Alaska there are risks from things like volcano eruption & earthquake to supply shortages to plain old winter, and especially from civil unrest/martial law because we are a country occupied by a foreign superpower. But if you ask her what we need all these supplies for she will just say we are “just being Alaskan” and need that much to take us through to next year, or maybe the year after just for insurance against a bad hunt or a crop failure.

    Why the disconnect? Why is it people can see the threat, prepare for the threat, but not admit that there is a threat? Is it just a mental block? Is it just the term prepper? In a country where there are zombie drills (Anchorage), where the university makes it a point to teach everyone how to grow and preserve food, where most people outside of the cities live a subsistence lifestyle and have large stores of food, where every kid takes winter survival training in school, and where the majority of the population is trained and very proficient in firearms use; why in this place of all places is the term prepper shunned?

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