The truth About Crossbows

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    I have used crossbows for close to a decade now due to a shoulder injury. I have old Barnett 400. Heavy and old school but have kept the freezer filled with venison with it. There are misconceptions about crossbows. The biggest is that they are silent or even “quiet.” Quiet is a relative term. Quieter than most firearms, yes but loud with a distinctive sound, compared to a bow. Even with limbsavers, the resonating sound of the realeased limbs is impossible to silence and a missed shot sometimes means spooking your prey. Next is that they are comparable to bows in energy. True some of the modern singlecam compunds have comparable power, but most clock out well below a crossbow. My 12 year old crossbow still shoot reliably at 350fps off the rail. That is propelling a bolt that is much shorter than even an overdraw arrow. The result is ALOT of downrange power delivery. I hear claims that newer expandable broadheads are designed for those speeds and that they deploy as advertised. I stopped using expandables years ago because I was getting pass throughs at such speeds that the rubber bands did not even break. I returned to traditional broadheads and haven’t gone back nor have I regretted. I also use heaver and longer bolts with 125gr broadheads to slow my bolts down some. I was losing deer that I hit because all my shots were pass-throughs and the deer bleed out internally with little external bleeding to track. With a traditional bow, more arrows stay in the animal and the external bleeding is greater, in my experience. This makes recovery much easier, especially if you hunt in suburban areas like I do. Property lines sometimes mean losing a wounded animal. Crossbow give you a greater accuracy and range than most bows. The farthest deer I’ve taken with my crossbow was between 40-50 yards. Crossbows are slow to reload. I manually load mine without straps or cockers and with practice have gotten multiple shots off in a treestand at the same animal but this is rare. Crossbows are powerful weapons but they have their drawbacks, no pun intended. anybody looking to add them to their repetoire needs alot of range time to appreciate them.

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