the VC lived in tunnels for 30 years.

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    in the jungle. But you can’t last a year, with a kindle reader, solar charger and strong sedatives? what’s that say about the strength of your mind, hmm?

    Stay out of sight for a year after shtf, during daylight hours and you’ll have a chance, cause by then, 99% of the population will be dead and it will be much safer for you to go scrounge whatever you need.

    All you need is a spiderhole, set up where rain water or ground seepage are not issues. 2 ft diameter, roughly circular, 4.5 ft deep, with a concealed lid. If shtf, you can jump into it, dig a hole for your lower legs, and sit on the escavated dirt. As time and conditions permit, dig the hole horizontally, so you can sleep in it. Keep it no more than a foot below the surface, so a collapse wont smother you. If you lack clay or roots to hold the overburden, you’ll have to cut and emplace wooden shoring. Ideally, make it 20 ft long, with another vertical access shaft and lid. Then if dogs or men are pawing at one end, you can pop out of the other end and silently shoot them.

    Dig and access only at night, leave no tracks coming or going. Escavated dirt will have to be piled onto your poncho, hauled away and dumped in a creek, or scattered under brush. Cut wood has to have mud smeared over the light colored ends. A couple of mousetraps, rigged to detonate a .22lr shell (in a little steel tube) and wired to the concealed lids will see to it that nobody can sneak in on you. A set of board and nail sandals, used intelligently, take care of the footprint issue, but you have to raise your feet straight up, so as to not turn over dirt that’s caught on the nails.

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