They Are Playing With A Revolution

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    Opinions, are we actually heading in this direction?



    I don’t want to go into my forecasting methods (both sociological and economic), but my current forecast is that, even if no one nukes us or completely “hacks our grid” we (the United States, as a nation) will simply break down and fall apart by 2030.

    My forecast didn’t change with the election of Trump, either for the better or worse, since I assumed which ever side lost would redouble their efforts, but I might revise my estimate based on the 2018 and 2020 elections.

    There will be regions where things will be better or worse, but I think it will be a three way war, with no boundaries or borders, and with the three sides being (1)certain minorities (2)the government and establishment (3) liberty minded patriots.

    And that war will be the end of us.

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