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    This topic is one that I have given a lot of thought and contemplation to over the years. I will mention some of the items now that come to mind now and will try to keep adding as time goes on. Old farming implements and machinery. (plows etc.) Looms. Spinning wheels. Treadle sewing machines. Old hand tools of every kind. (not electric or gas powered) old steam engines. Water powered mills. Any old books about farming, gardening for food, Canning and preserving food. Old construction methods books. Old apple cider presses. Old milk separators. Old butter churns. Old stills. Old oak barrels. Old crocks. Old and new bottles that use corks or bottle caps. Brewing and wine making books and recipes. Needles and thread. Knitting needles. Crochet hooks. Books an items for cheese making. All kinds of old woodworking hand tools– old foot powered grinding wheels. Old coffee grinders. Anything now considered to be obsolete, antiques Old canning jars(they can still be sealed with wax) Old bee hives. Old hand mixers. Old kitchen utinsels. Old cast iron skillets, pot, pans, griddles etc. Old fashioned coffee pots. Old metal forges and anvils. Old bicycles. Old how to books. Old dictionaries, encyclopedias. Old maps, atlases etc. Old wire and scrap metal. Nails, nuts bolts, washers, screws, door knobs, hinges. Old meat smokers and BBQ grills. Old butchering tools. Old cook books, recipes (scratch kind, age not important). Old text books on sciences of all kinds. Old horse tack etc. Old leather working tools, tanning tools and info. Just about anything that will keep us from regressing to a way of life worse than 18th, 19th or early 20th centuries. I am sure that the start of this list will spur many people’s ideas, imaginations, interest and memories. Please do everything in your power and ability to prevent their being destroyed, sent to landfill dumps, or becoming useless. They may be seriously needed in certain scenarios. Please add anything you think needs to go be added on this list.

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