Things to think about before going off grid

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    Well this Winter was not the winter to go off Grid. So here’s what I experience and things to think about.

    Heavy snow
    1. Drive way plowing ( mines a mile off road)
    2. At any given time we had 24″ in the woods and 36″ in the open areas not drifts.

    1. Lodge and cabin were meant as weekend retreat not a full time living space( almost everything broke and needed replace because of old age)
    2. Because of the heavy snow all my firewood that was stack in the woods you couldn’t get to.( I had 5 cord stack at the house it lasted till February).
    3. Used more Natural Gas to run the Generator. Solar would have cut my usage – but not set up.

    1. I didn’t keep a large herd this winter but they spent 70% of the time in the barn. Not good
    2. Feed for them – I was lucky I had enough

    1. Well Marriage is still good but it was strained at times.
    2. Did this with my buddy and his family. 4,000 squ ft is not enough room for 4 kids and 2 wives. But we made it through it.
    3. We guy’s work out of town all winter but drove back and forth so we were home at least 4 nights a week.
    4. It’s incredible finding out what stuff you really need or use.
    5. Watching TV wasn’t a big deal. Movies – board games – radio- just talking.

    1. It cost a lot of money to be off grid this winter.
    2. Motels when stuff broke – food when out.
    3. Extra Gas running to Buffalo or Toledo 3 times a week.
    4. Repairs and upkeep all at one time.
    5. 2 cord of extra firewood.

    This was an experiment to see if it could be done, it got done. It would have been best to start this spring and rented a house in town for the winter. This is not a cheap doing – So don’t try it on a shoe string budget. So now that spring has sprung things are looking up were still off grid, ready for this adventure to begin again. Farmer

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