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    OK, so it’s pretty obvious Connecticut isn’t teaming with masses of people concerned about stocking up or being prepared, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us shouldn’t begin to develop a little bit of a network here.

    The unfocused can take their chances if a situation arises and they’re not prepared. We on the other hand, should at least have a fair idea of approximately how we’re distributed around the state. There’s no doubt that there’s skills, talents, knowledge and materials by which we could benefit one another. I don’t mean to sound apocalyptic, but when you boil it down, isn’t that why I’m writing this and you’re reading it? Honesty with one’s self is a very valuable survival commodity.

    Understandably, no one wants to publish their exact whereabouts. The down side is that any one of us could have a surplus to trade for someone else’s surplus and not be able to hookup. We could suffer miserably in ignorance for one circumstance or another when relief is only a few miles’ walk away. We just wouldn’t know it.

    I suggest beginning with a rough geographic orientation… cut the state in quadrants or regions. For example, I live south of Hartford and east of the Connecticut River. If there’s someone else in my region, we can decide how much more information we want to share amongst ourselves. We could arrange a central public meet-up… breakfast, a hike, whatever.

    Does any of this make sense? I have more than forty years experience in the outdoors and harsh environments… livestock handling, including horses (they’re surprisingly fuel efficient). I’m equipped and experienced in several trades. You may well have equally valuable resources that I don’t. We don’t need to buddy-up, but I’d like to know how to locate you if I had to and you might have a need to find me at some point.

    Spring is coming. Think about networking a little.

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