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    I live in a small town about 300 people max. Today i get a call from a friend on the fire department. It said that the water tower is leaking from the seams and that the town will be without water for a week if not longer. FILL UP all containers that you have. The only reason he knew was that they wanted all the water they could carry on there trucks for if a fire happens other wise no one would know until the water runs out to keep people from going into a panic.

    In the past when the pumps have gone out the water lasts for about 2 days but when people go crazy it barely last 24 hours so i understand the reasoning behind them not telling. It also helps having friends in the right places

    for me this was easy the rain barrels are full, the water bob went into the tub and the sinks got a trash bag and then filled with water. There is 30 cases of bottled water in the closets and the kiddie pool got filled outside.

    Things that i have learned from this exercise it that nothing is ever where you put it, barrels seem to get small leaks around where the faucets go so have extra rubber seals if your storing barrels as a backup, plastic bags and zip ties work great for quick repairs

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