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    Shelli – I’ve been following many of your posts these past few weeks and I keep seeing myself 18 months ago. It’s amazing how fast it goes and how quickly you learn new things, stock up, get prepared, and become part of the community. I just want to encourage you – and all ‘new’ preppers. I know how it can feel like a huge undertaking when you first start out – but it takes off like a snowball once you ‘get rolling’. Reusing your milk jugs for non-potable water is fine – that’s a great place to start. You already know which you can use and for what! That’s great for someone who’se only been at this for a little while! You WILL move ahead, and it will happen quicker than you think right now. DH and I were where you are now almost 2 years ago. We had NO preps, no money, a pile of debts, and a house full of kids. I remember the panicky moments – thinking I would never ‘get there’. We still have no money, a pile of debts, and a house full of kids – but we have paid off some of those debts and we have been able to set back some supplies.
    I just started grabbing one or two extra things each time I went to the store. It’s amazing how quickly you can add when you’re spending $1 here and 50 cents there.
    I started with cheap items and stuff I could get at the $ store – matches, toothbrushes, nail clippers, ramen noodles, ANYTHING. Each week I just grabbed a few of those items and tossed them in a crate in my basement. In a month the crate was full and I got a tote – after a few weeks I added a few more totes. It took on a life of it’s own rather quickly.
    I started reading ALOT on the internet. :wave: Then I got a binder and started to print out some stuff and save it.
    I put together packets of emergecy information – copies of all the cards in our wallets, birth certificates, social security cards, insurance information, titles, mortgage deed, etc. One copy went in my car kit, one went in our family emergency box. This ONE task took me more than a week to complete because there’s SO much information to pull together.
    I downloaded 5-10 different food storage spreadsheets before I finally developed my own. Then I added all of my non-food items, added tabs for emergency phone numbers, local phone booths (many people don’t realize that when the phone systems go down the first lines to come back up are phone booths – take a drive and make a list! When cell phones won’t work you’ll be glad you’ve got it!), a mini first aid kit list for each family member, personal/mini kits (i.e. stuff to keep in your purse/desk etc), a list of items for my car kit, personal 24 hour/BOB bags for each family member and finally (just a few months ago) a cache (i.e. weapons) list! PHEW!!!
    I’d be glad to forward a copy to anyone who wants to look at it. My list is massive and covers everything from nail clippers to wheat, to bikes – I keep adding to it.
    Prepping isn’t necessarily a matter of having closets full of toilet paper and beans. It’s learning how to do for yourself – I may not have all my food preps but I’ve learned recently that almost all parts of a cattail can be used as food. Do I plan on eating them? Not any time soon – but I can if I have to. I have the basic infomation and tools.
    Do I have a wheat grinder, solar panels, etc? No, not yet – but I’m learning how to make the most of what I DO have. I’m able to spend less on everyday living thus freeing up a little more each week for preps.
    I now pay much closer attention to the news (and I don’t mean the networks). When I hear something that could be a possible threat to my family I take a little time to research it and find the fact for myself. I’m more aware of the world and how it affect me and my loved ones. That alone is a HUGE step in being prepared.

    Anyway – I just wanted to encoruage you (and all new preppers). You’re doing an swesome job and you can do alot of it without money, just make a few minutes each day to work on it.

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