This web site needs a book on how to use it.

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    Confession: I just signed up at this site and am having difficulty with the navigation. On the forum page I click the APN Blog link up in the menu bar, and I land on the Home Page – not what I had in mind.

    Confession: I design and build web sites, have studied web usability and find this site less-than-optimally organized. Those who have spent considerable time here have probably found what they need, but that is not the test of a good design. The test is done with first-time visitors. There are now written and unwritten ‘rules’ for good web site design, and one rule, if I may give an example from this site, it that an active link should suggest what the destination will be, should a visitor click on it. The example I just gave will do. If one clicks on APN Blog, one would expect to land on a page with at the very least THAT TITLE somewhere on it. There are so many such examples from this site that it would not be worthwhile to list them all. It should not be necessary for a visitor to click a link in order to discover where it goes. And if it goes someplace the visitor did not expect, poor link design. If a visitor lands on a page after clicking a link and cannot identify the page as the correct destination, very poor design. The site ‘looks’ nice, but looks don’t satisfy if it doesn’t work.

    Conclusion: I suggest that this site be visited by a person trained in web usability, have it analyzed, and listen to the results, then make a plan which can be carried out to make the site easier to navigate. Remember, a site must be designed with the visitor in mind, it should empower the visitor to achieve what he or she needs to do in as few steps as possible. If the visitor has to use the BACK button on the browser, the site’s navigation has failed. If a visitor has to study a page for more than five minutes to figure out what he or she can do there or how to get to where he or she want to be, the site needs help.

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