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    hi all,
    I just got back form a homeschool introductory seminar on “teaching your children to be leaders” by following the education style that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the other founders had in their childhood. there is so much in this short 2-3 hr class, everyone who loves liberty needs to attend, and it’s FREE!!!

    It was an amazing introduction to the way to restore liberty in our country. Here is a link to the homepage for the seminars and the free introductory tour.

    PLEASE listen to the sound clip on the page, and if you can try to get to one of the introductory classes in your area. Even if you don’t homeschool, it’s about our nation as a whole more than homeschooling how to’s. :thumbsup:

    I truly believe that these Principles will save our nation many years of heart ache.
    Here’s a quote that sums up my feeling on this precisely:

    “You’ve got to hear this! This isn’t about home schooling, this is about finding your life’s mission, educating yourself, and making an impacted on the world. If you believe you have a mission to perform in this life this is going to help you do it!” Jason- Everett, WA

    happy learning.

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