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    I find myself in a quandary. I have shared that I was putting on a class here, first week of May. I ran imto a couple snags.

    I don’t know the trainer, personally. He’s got a good rep. I have been asked by associates to,vet this credentials. I thought ok, I’ll reach out and do a back door check. I asked so,e of my friends to vet, the instructor on SF BROTHERHOOD, this is a site open to only vetted SF troopers, not Rangers, but Flash wearing green berets only.

    ” the instructor is alledged to be from this community” we put the request to vet out six weeks ago, had heard zero, nothing, after three weeks, we re published the request for vetting. In fairness a couple of the SF guys came back saying they had heard of this guy as a trainer, but that they could not confirm they or anybody they served with could stand up for his credentials as SF.

    First aaaaa Sh-t.

    I then reached out to some of my old instructors , these guys have their own TV showsare comfirmed retired Delta. ” anybody can take their classes” I asked for help, which I rarely do. They instructed me to use SF brotherhood. I told both that I had, Twice, no nibbles, no head shakes nada.

    This got their attention. Both agreed to do some snooping. They both contacted CAG ” Combat Arms Group” and Group. And asked for someone to vet this guy. Nada, again a couple thought the fake teaching name was something they had heard off, but nobody could vet him. As being on the teams or ODA’s in any capacity. Not even a support toad.

    I recontacted this instructor, and asked him to provided a DD214, with appropriate SF numbers, told him I didn’t need his name or history, just a verification that he is what he says he is. I explained the lengths I’d go to, with zero positive response.

    I get a email last night from him. Telling me he completely understand me asking. But that he’s been training under this name and web site for many years, that many in CAG and Geoup don’t like the fact that he’s teaching this stuff, so he’s decided to keep his identity secret, from most but not all the SF community.

    Tells me he’s concerned about hjaji showing up on his door steps when he’s away.That he refuses to provide even a DD214 for comformation. That we should just cancel the class due to this misunderstanding.

    And I agree the class is not happening now. I feellike, to allow this guy into my range, after telling the world he’s the real deal super trooper and then refuse to back his credentials just dosent smell right. The refusal to pony up a DD214 with corispomdi g numbers is just odd.

    By the way, all the other instructors have stacks of photocopied 214s, for this verification issue, it’s how the big dogs do it.

    That’s the strange story. And here’s my question. I’m on a couple of sites where this guy hangs out. It’s loaded with tough guy swel and when he was SF this and that. How to pack, wear your kit, etc etc?

    How would you address this.

    Thank you in advance.


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