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    Photon Guy

    Its been a long time since I’ve gone fishing. One of my more memorable fishing experiences was when I went fishing with my dad on a boat where you would rent a spot on the boat and rent a rod and the boat would go out to sea and you would fish. It was somewhere off the coast of New Jersey. My dad caught a big fish and we ate it and it was really good, he actually caught the second largest fish, the guy who caught the largest fish was somebody who was fishing off the back of the boat. Anyway, I caught three fish myself but I had to thrown them all back since they were too small. I can see why sometimes you should throw fish back if its too small but how about if the fish swallows the hook? In that case I really don’t see the point. My dad would sometimes catch fish where the fish would swallow the hook and removal of the hook would involve tearing apart the fish from the inside which would kill it, or cutting the line and throwing the fish back, hook and all. With the hook still inside it I would think that would eventually kill it too. So if you’re going to leave the hook in the fish or if you’re going to remove a hook that the fish has swallowed it makes sense to keep the fish since if you’re going to kill it anyway, why throw it back?

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