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    We need a discussion on Tillers. If you’re young, you might be able to get by without one, but as you age, they sure do make it easier on us old people! 🙁

    My 1st workhorse is a Poulan 6HP rear tine tiller. I use this first thing in the spring to break up the soil to get the soil ready for planting. This is not a top of the line model, but it does get the job done. I have used the older troy-bilts, and they are nice, but way too pricey for my blood. But whatever brand you get, I recommend a rear tine. They are a lot easier on a person then a front-tine.

    For my smaller beds, and touch up work, I have a Bolen 2cycle mini-tiller. It works great in the wife’s flower beds, and for touch up and weeding in the garden. One drawback if you use it for weeding is that you will sooner or later end up taking the tines off to take the weeds out from in between the tines. But it is still a very handy tool.

    And for other times, I have a non-powered High wheeled cultivator with two attachments. The 1st is what I call a spike point, which came with the cultivator when I got it from my FIL. Then I found an actual cultivator attachment that covers about a foot in one pass. It has five smaller points, and works great at working the soil.

    Any additions or suggestions?

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