Time for a big food stock rotation and i need help

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    I try to FIFO my food, but there are some that we just don’t eat enough of to go through what i store. and admittedly i when on an over buying spree a few years ago. So anyway, i ran into a bunch of fire roasted tomatoes that had a metallic taste, and ended up throwing out about 16 cans in the Costco multi pack. From there my wife started on a check the date spree, ignoring my time expiration table from still-tasty.com Now i have to toss a big chunk of canned goods, mostly low end costco and Same multi packs. So my question is do any of you know what premium brands still coat the insides of their cans? I think i remember Del-Monte having a white plastic coating inside when i grew up, and my mom saying it kept food much better and longer.

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