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    Went to Home Depot today to get some more snow/ice melter, and what did I find? SEEDS! Bought some “ruby” swiss chard, artichoke, honeydew melon, jalapeno pepper, scarlet runner bean, spaghetti squash, caraway, catnip, rosemary, and spearmint seeds. I wish winter would hurry up and leave! I wanna get out and garden!


    Kymber – My father in law had a fire in one of his rental houses. I am going to tear it down for the lumber and whatever I can utilize. Once I have this done I am planning to build a shop with a passive solar heat/ waterheater as well as a full green house at the side. I plan to start demolition as soon as the cold breaks a bit which may be next week.


    I just got my Gurney’s catalogue. Is it my imagination, or is this years’ catalogue about a third of the size it used to be? I try to buy heirloom or heritage seeds. They don’t seem to have many to choose from this time. I actually purchase mine from a company in Oregon that has heirloom seeds but always drool over the Gurney ones. I’m curious. Where do most of all ya’ll get your seeds?


    Slaw – then you’ll be quite a bit ahead of me on greenhouse building (i am in Canada ya know!!! winter doesn’t end here until june – bahahahaha!). my hubby and i are looking at starting to build our greenhouse in the beginning of april…it sounds like you are going to have yours up and running by then.

    if you are interested…go over to the thread “Preparedness General Discussion” and start a new topic about building a greenhouse from salvaged windows…trust me – there are more people on this forum than just me who will be interested and more importantly – will LEARN!

    if you want me to start the new thread for you…just let me know. but it would be a great place to document what you did, problems you faced, mistakes you made, how you solved all of your problems – woohoo – and even pics of your new greenhouse.

    hope this doesn’t add any additional pressure! bahahahahaha! i am sooo looking forward to this my new “greenhouse building partner”!

    thanks a bunch Slaw!


    Gee, y’all make me jealous. I want a greenhouse! Maybe next year…



    Gurney’s and Henry fields were bought out by Monsanto..


    The seed company thing is a total racket. One of my clients once asked me about Henry Fields– whose address is a town not far some Cincinnati. So When we were in the neighborhood, we went to the address, thought I’d give it a look see. Humph. A large warehouse with a million semis on the completely paved lot. Not a plant to be seen. Subsequent research led me to finding a list… let me see if I can refind it…

    http://northsideguerillafarmer.yolasite.com/guerilla-farming-in-northside-our-community/clarification-or-you-can-t-trust-anyone-” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    I just spent $50 at Botanical Interests. One of my favorites. I had trouble placing my order on line. Called & left a message. Call returned in 10 minutes. Problem fixed.

    Here’s a list of my favorite rare & heirloom seed companies:

    http://northsideguerillafarmer.yolasite.com/guerilla-farming-in-northside-our-community/seed-company-update-” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false


    One place that I like to order from is Seeds of Change http://www.seedsofchange.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    They offer certified organic seed, open-pollinated, or heirloom varieties. And, they actually DO have a farm! They also network with other organic growers to help them provide organic, open-pollinated seed. No Monsanto seeds here!


    i get all of my seeds from an organic, heirloom small-time farmer in the area…thank goodness! only prob is – they do all of the packaging by hand….needless to say…sometimes you get organic, heirloom italian parsley when you ordered english cucumber…it’s those kinds of things that i like when i order my seeds – bahahahah!


    Started Getting my seed orders in! Also found a packet of Twelve Pkts of seeds for $2.50..last years seeds.. But they will grow I’m sure..


    Oh yeah, they’ll grow. I have planted 9 year-old seeds and they grew just fine. Germination rates were a little lower, (but not much) but you can compensate by planting a little more thickly. If they are just last year’s seeds, though, they should do just fine.



    I even got ginko seeds from horizon…


    I started saving seeds 4 years ago. This year the Garden store had heirloom seeds and I couldn’t resist and got a little of everything. Thinking that I got enough food and seed for myself I could trade seeds for something I didn’t have.

    The question is what is the best way to save the seeds you don’t use this year for a future year?


    Basic Seed Saving

    http://www.seedsave.org/issi/issi_904.html” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false


    http://www.fedcoseeds.com/forms/seedschool.pdf” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    seed-saving programs adapted to the unique environment … science of seed saving as a pathway to hands-on science and …

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