Tips for new preppers ( from season preppers)

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    Did my running around today, I was thinking on some of the way I prep. Theses are ways I bulk prep.

    1. I buy 90% silver and misc gold at garage sales and estate sales all year. Traded it in for troy ounces at the jewelers. Today my silver cost was 11.00 an ounce and gold was 200.00 ounce.
    2. Stop at the scrap yard to pick up 20 lb propane cylinders got 10 for free. Then stop at drive-thru traded them for full new tanks.
    3. Also when I was at the scrap yard I got 8-5 gal buckets for of brass casings. Drop off 4 buckets from last time. Paid 400.00 for the 8 buckets. I Sort the brass. Trade it to my reloaded for reloaded ammo. 45 acp cost me 6.00 a box and 308 was 7.00.
    4. Today wheat Penny’s paid .03 cents a piece.
    5. Last stop Today was at the Thrift store got 4 boxes of canning jars for 10.00.
    Here’s some tips that I Have. I’ve got more but others on here have thier good ones to pass on. So guys help the new bees out. Farmer

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