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    1) CLIMATE CHANGE: Both say global warming needs to be addressed.
    2) TAX REFORM: Both call for lowering the corportate tax rate.
    3) GAY MARRIAGE: Both support it, and both oppose the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
    4) MINIMUM WAGE: Both support instituting a $10-per-hour federal minimum wage.
    5) EQUAL PAY: Both support the Paycheck Fairness Act.
    6) IMMIGRATION REFORM: Both support it, although Gomez wants improved border security.
    7) USE OF DRONES: Both are hesitant to use drones within the boundaries of the United States.
    8) NSA SURVEILLANCE: Both say Snowden should be prosecuted.
    9) SYRIA: Both support military assistance to Syrian rebels. Gomez also supports imposing a no-fly zone.
    10) IRAN: Neither would rule out military action, if push came to shove.
    11) AFGHANISTAN: Both support withdrawal of US troops.
    12) ISRAELI/PALESTINIAN PEACE TALKS: Both think a two-state solution is possible.


    1) ABORTION:
    –Gomez is personally opposed to abortion, but says he would not vote to change current law or try to overturn Roe vs. Wade. On the other hand, he says he does not favor a “litmus test” that would exclude a Supreme Court nominee who happened to support abortion rights.
    –Markey supports abortion rights and would defend Roe vs. Wade by demanding that a nominee to the Supreme Court could not support abortion rights.
    — Gomez favors increased funding for training, equipment and health care treatment for veterans, but says the military can streamline civilian staff and certain weapons development programs.
    — Markey has a plan to cut $100 billion over 10 years by jettisoning unneeded nuclear arms.
    — Gomez says reform is needed to prevent Social Security from going broke, but he would not propose any tax increases to do so. He supports Obama’s proposed use of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) limits on annual benefit increases, and said an increase in retirement age — for those not currently near retirement — should be on the table. His plans would obviate the need to hike taxes — i.e., raising the base wage for collection of Social Security taxes, or increasing the tax rate itself .
    — Markey says he is opposed to any changes, including use of the CPI to calculate Social Security cost-of-living benefits or any increase in the retirement age. He does not say how he would balance the books to preserve benefits without increasing taxes.
    — Gomez supports the Massachusetts Health Care Law, on which Obamacare was based. He thinks health care should be left up to the states to administer.
    — Markey supports Obamacare lock, stock and barrel.
    5) GUNS:
    — Gomez supports expanded background checks, but opposes a federal assault weapons ban or a ban on sale of high-capacity magazines.
    — Markey also supports expanded background checks for gun buyers, and also supports a federal ban on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.


    1) SALES TAX ON INTERNET PURCHASES: Gomez, no; Markey, yes.
    2) BUFFETT RULE: Gomez, no; Markey, yes.
    — Gomez supports the proposed oil pipeline from Canada because he says it will create jobs and help promote oil independence.
    — Markey cites an environmental risk, and says the oil will be exported to other countries after it transverses the pipeline.
    — Gomez favors term limits: two terms for Senate, three terms for House of Representatives.
    — Markey says no, let the voters decide. (For that matter, how could Ed Markey, who has served 37 years in the House — that’s 19 terms — not oppose term limits?)

    Today is the day to vote for either Ed Markey or Gabriel Gomez to replace the seat formerly held by John Kerry for United States Senator from Massachusetts.

    Above is a breakdown of the issues and where each candidate stands.

    Choice here?

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