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    I was in Lowes yesterday to buy a heavy duty staple gun. Going down the tool aisles, I was thinking here are some fine weapon possibilities. I’m sure this will be a “duh” moment for many here, but maybe some of us urban and suburbanites haven’t thought about it. If you live in an apartment, you probably don’t have more than four or five basic tools in a dusty plastic box.

    I don’t think you could easily kill somebody with a staple gun (“hang on, hang on — gotta reload”) but you could do some damage and distraction. How about a nail gun? Power drill? There are also neat tools like chisels, pry bars, hammers, and hand axes. These weapons would be for close combat, but that’s going to happen. I am mostly thinking of these things for in-home defense for those who don’t have guns, bows, or other ranged weapons, and who may be more vulnerable to home invasion because they live in a city. Or anyone who might have had their guns seized or stolen.


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