Toothpaste: You shouldn’t use it. Ever.

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    Quite a few years ago I started looking into the effect of fluorides found in drinking water, toothpaste, dental treatments, some medicines, and vaccines.

    I soon found that all fluorides are universally harmful to people (especially children) and have no beneficial effects whatsoever. None.

    However, this post is not about fluorides–though that could and probably should be the subject of a whole thread all its own. (Maybe “Fluorides: The con job that never stops!”)

    This post is about the other harmful effects of toothpaste.

    For example: Some “whitening” toothpastes are so abrasive that they grind away the enamel on your teeth–which lets the dentin show through and makes your teeth look yellow.

    (Which, of course, is supposed to prompt you to buy and use more of the magic “whitening” toothpaste.)

    Then too, toothpaste is tenacious. It creates a film on your teeth that takes 27 rinses to remove. That film stops the enzyme that naturally rebuilds your dental enamel on a daily basis dead in its tracks.

    So–what to use?

    Plain white bar soap. It’s far more effective against bacteria and viruses, and it’s completely gone in two rinses.

    Soap will leave your teeth so clean they will literally squeak when you rub a fingertip across them.

    And plain white soap does not taste bad. It’s right next door to tasteless, despite the implications of a hundred years of parents washing their children’s mouths out with soap–fer cussin’!

    Perfumed soaps, anti-bacterial soaps, colored soaps, and all other adulterated soaps taste pretty horrible.

    But not the Real Thing.

    Those BOBs can now get a tube of toothpaste lighter if they have a bar of soap aboard. And dental emergencies will become much less likely
    during a time of emergency.

    For those that would like to follow up on this premise, see:

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