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    This was part of another thread which carried on more about politics and stats. I wanted to touch on gangs a bit and get some info out pertaining to their relevence to preppers. I have a lot of training and experience working with them in a functioning society. The dangers these folks pose to others during societal breakdown would be tremendously greater, especially to preppers. Many misconceptions are out there and the public is generally misinformed about how they function. I’ll answer any questions that I can that aren’t addressed.

    Gangs are a direct product of poverty. Any student of criminal justice will tell you this is a fact that can be traced back to early Irish and Italian street gangs during the great immigration boom of early New York. These folks were stuck in low paying jobs and couldn’t afford to feed their families. So they banned together out of necessity to take what they needed from society to get by. As time wore on, some continued to organize into larger mafias which prospered financially. But the same necessity arising out of poverty continued for folks into modern times as well. Generations of families stayed poor and dependent on government assistance. This continues to give rise to local street gangs. These are the ones that you see in the news everyday while they sell drugs, shoot at each other, rob, rape, and murder us.

    Where this is especially interesting to the prepper is how further societal breakdown (such as a disaster or teotwawki) will cause an increase in gang organization and operation to include gathering further resources. Currently they gather money and drugs. In further societal breakdown it will be to gather your preps. The drug supply will dry up just as fast as milk and bread from the store. Most of these folks come from poor families who depend on the government for food. When this paycheck, drug supply, and food run out they are going to organize more to forcefully take resources from others who have prepped them.

    Some people who live in nice small towns and rural communities don’t hear or read about any “gang problem” so they don’t think it exists. As a cop, I can tell you that you will find gangs and gang members in nearly EVERY town in the US. You will find a direct correlation with the larger cities supporting larger and better organized gangs. These are the ones you hear and read about regularly. The smaller cities and towns still have a looser organized gang pressence. Local governments and community leaders do everything they can to hide their presence from you so they can call their place a “safe community” or “sleepy small town”. They do this because no one wants to live where there is a known “gang problem”. They misreport crime stats in various ways to accomplish this veil over the public eye. These small town, 2-block gang folks are just as bad as the hard gangs since they all live by the same standards.

    A “wannabe” gangster will rob or kill you just as quickly as a “confirmed and documented” one. Especially because many of them feel they have more to prove than the famous established ones. There is no stopping gangs for law enforcement, only managing them. What happens when society breaks down and no one is there to manage it? It blooms.

    Every single home invasion I have ever worked (100%) was gang/drug related, even the ones where they got the wrong address. Biggest thing to remember about them is that their reputation and respect are more important than their freedom or their lives. That makes it more important than yours too, which is what makes them so dangerous to others in society. The larger gangs will take and exaust local resourses first then begin roving to other areas in greater force.

    People like to get into definitions, stats, and politics over gangs. Gangs are currently considered in various specifics as a group of people who basically commit crime together. What are gangs to preppers? They are people who will gather to forcefully take what they want which is yours.

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