Tsunami Warning In Effect For All Islands Of Hawaii

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    By now everyone on the islands of Hawaii are on the move to higher grounds. If not please do. Listen to your radio broadcasts and TV news updates. If you are located in an evacuation zone you have to get out ASAP estimated time for the first wave to hit the islands are at 10:28PM Pacific time. The severity of this Tsunami is extreme take extra precautions and head for higher ground. Now is not the time to be going to the gas statios, grocery stores, big box stores or any stores of that matter. Traffic is horrendous all across the state you will not make it to take any side trips. Your time window to do things are ZERO! If you have not prepared ahead of time for any type of natural disasters you are basically out of luck. Do what is needed to be done but get yourself and family out of harms way NOW! Cell phones are down, keep all calls to a minimum for emergencies only. :wave: BE SAFE!

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