Two new shotguns.

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    I received a call today from a friend who wanted to sell two nos shotguns, cheap.

    I was able to pick up one of the KelTec, 12 round shotguns, new in the box. If anybody has personal use with this SG please share, as this system is new to me.

    The second SG I purchased was a Mossbery, 930 semiauto, shotgun. Never owned a 930, and frankly I’m impressed with this SG, love the sights, ghost ring rear sight and a nice post front sight with day glow.

    I picked both up for a total of 700.00. I’m thinking I got a great deal.

    I’m hoping my wife will take the time to learn and shoot the keltec, SG. It’s short, but legal, holds 12 rounds, the weapon is comfortable to hold, and cycle. Mrs. Williams is 5.4 and a buck twenty.

    Had a set of magpul open sights in the drawer. Slapped them on the keltec and a vortex red dot. Haven’t shot either, will report after I do shoot.


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