Type II Diabetes

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    About two months ago I started a homeopathic, natural medicine regimen for my Type II Diabetes. When I started my fasting blood sugar count was, on average, in the 160-180 range. I’m taking three separate meds to control my blood sugar. Metformin, Glipizide and Januvia (which is hugely expensive) and my goal is to get my A1C down so I can get off those meds.

    What I did was to begin each day with a tonic consisting of 1tbsp Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, 1tbsp Blue Agave Nectar (or raw, unfiltered honey) mixed in with a half a cup of water.

    I then mix 1tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon into a 6oz container of yogurt and eat it while taking a few supplements (Cumin, in the form of Black Seed Oil caplets, Tumeric, along with a few black peppercorns to aid it’s absorption, and Ginko Biloba–for my aging brain).

    Results: I’ve lost 8 pounds, which is a good start, but I need to drop about fifty more. My fasting blood sugar count is now down into the 95-125 range. I hoping within a year I’ll have lost enough weight and have my blood sugar so well controlled I can lose the meds.

    Oh, and as huge side benefit, the Tumeric (maybe in combo with the Cumin) dissolved a kidney stone enough for me to pass it without needing a “procedure.”

    I’m not saying this will work for everybody, but it certainly is working for me. And now that I’m adding some exercise three or four days a week, I expect even better results.

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