U.S. plans to sell down 8% of strategic oil reserves

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    Here’s just another example of our government selling out the American public for money to enable their spending problem.


    What don’t our legislators get about the words ‘strategic oil reserve’? I’m sure they’re thinking, ‘oh, we’ll never need it’ even though the reserves were used as recently as Hurricane Sandy. All these things happening during the last few years are making our nation weaker and weaker, which I’m sure is by design. In reading the article it states that “the age and condition of the reserve has diminished it’s value.” So why isn’t this reserve continually managed (refreshed) while still maintaining it’s reserve, like all of us do at home?? We put fresh purchases in storage and use the older stock. It’s really not rocket science but I guess our representatives can’t seem to grasp the basic concept of safety, security, and stock rotation. I’m sure this ‘minor’ decision was shoved in with a bunch of bills or earmarks crammed into the legislature at the last minute to be voted on. I’m frustrated….please forgive my rant.

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