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    My ‘puter took a dump on me on the 14th of May – went out the next day and got a new 1…What a pain in the butt ! This new windows 8 and AOL 9.7 are not completely compatable. I had this thing back to Best Buy 5 times and they do not even have a phone line in the tech area to check thingd out. I got different answers from different techs there. The Salesman “forgot” to tell me of the accessory I had to buy and that my older printer would not work with this ‘puter (hookup). The new printer I bought last week can not do windows 8 !

    AOL walked me through the set up process and stated that it had to be the “puter. I had to wait 5 days to get the new AOL 9.7 start up disc to arrive since no one has the discs at Best Buy or any other place.

    Finially I got disgusted and took it to a 3rd party, had to leave it there for 7 days until they could look at it. Well this thing is slow but I can now get online. I have to reregister in all of my forums. I was given a new password here and – no go….So, I just got a new screenname for here and reregistered with the old password.

    At times something is going on inside the ‘puter that makes it or AOL not respond.

    The 3rd party will be doing a total clean out of what is on my old ‘puter and put the info onto disc(s) – then install a new modem and program it with XP and AOL 9.0 and I can use that as a back up or for family use.

    With Windows 8.0/AOL 9.7 you can not hear the dial tones or the sound of the Modem…So if something is wrong with either 1 – you are in the dark unless the ‘puter tells you…..

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