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    Well, I don’t know.if I feel guilty so much as mulish. The power went out here for whatever reason, and my faithful gennie kicked right in. (Yay!). So here I sit, lights, heat, TV, and all that good stuff. Being nosy, I peeked out my window to see how my neighbors were faring. No one else has a generator, which I suspected…but I didn’t see ANY flashlights, lanterns, just pitch black houses. So I find myself feeling like I should do something neighborly, except this is not a neighborly kind of place…but, I mean, not even flashlights? Fortunately this happened kind of late in the day, so maybe everybody will just go to bed…

    Anyway, I never thought I’d feel guilty over being prepared when others around me clearly are not.

    Aunt Bee

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    Bumping for visibility and hoping others will update conversation.



    In most areas, I would be more concerned about theft than feeling guilty.

    A silencer box and blackout curtains (or other careful strategy to keep others from finding out about your generator) would be a good idea.

    That said, it might also be advisable to convince the others to get generators of their own.



    If it was winter I’d be inviting my westerly neighbor over to keep warm, since she lives alone. But my neighbor to the east has a portable generator he hooks up in every storm, so I suspect he and his wife would be all right.
    I have a planting area between the generator and the road I live on, but when it’s running…no way to hide that noise. Although its relatively quiet for a generator, it’s still as loud as a lawn mower. So OpSec is mostly a lost battle for me, although the generator will only work as long as natural gas keeps flowing, so when that dies I have to fallback to my more easily hidden options….



    If it were one of the little portable ones, I would suggest how to build a silencer box.

    Basically, it is a box built inside of a dog house, with sand poured between the inner and outer walls, although there are a lot more details…

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