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    Kyle upstate NY

    Hello my name is K I live in upstate NY I have degrees in forestry and resource management. I’m currently a senior in college looking for like minded folk to better each other. I have a very strong skill of sharpening of any tool knife, axe, chainsaw, or other blade. I have experience with non compliant persons through working in security and also being a tour guide for four years. I have leadership qualities but will also work well with a group. I have a vast knowledge in camping, hiking, canoeing, water filtration, security, tracking, hunting, and gardening


    J Murphy

    Upstate is a big area.

    Im Jameson, new to the forums, interested in getting started, lots of things can go wrong, and I believe it’s better to be prepared beforehand than running around catching up afterward.

    I’m also in upstate, (Lewis County) – interested in meeting other like-minded folks. I know I have a deficit in hunting/fishing/trapping skills that I’d like to improve. Working on my gardening/growing/foraging skills.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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