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    Paul Stevens

    If you want to combine self-sufficient living with a good exercise program, consider an all aluminum bicycle trailer (cart) from Cottage Craft Works. These Amish built bike trailers are used in the various Amish communities to transport groceries and supplies. Now you can purchase one of these heavy duty bike trailers for your own self-sufficient use.

    Trailers are heavy duty built using all aluminum, yet they are light weight for long distance and even commercial deliver use. The trailers do not require any type of hitch to be attached on to a bike. A simple rubber do-nut hitch, allows the trailer to be quickly hooked on to the stem of any bike seat. The trailer hitch arm is also at a perfect height to use as a hand push yard cart.

    Beyond household supplies, these trailers are used by bike clubs or outdoors bike enthusiast to carry camping supplies and gear for extended stays in the outdoors.

    Bike trailers can also be used in remote areas of the world where standard automobile use is restricted or gasoline is cost prohibitive or other areas where the transporting of common goods or supplies can only be transported by carrying or by push carts.

    The trailers are also perfect to use in large factories or indoor complexes to move cargo and supplies quickly across the plant floor.
    Bike mounted police and emergency workers using these trailers can easily transport gear into large events or through congested areas.

    Cottage Craft Works offers two sizes of aluminum bike trailers; both come with free shipping within the Continental US. The larger trailer comes with an optional cover, to keep your cargo dry if caught in a sudden down pour.

    To see more log on to Cottage Craft Works. Com. The bike trailers are located under the Hunting and Outdoor tab.
    Cottage Craft Works features American made products from small cottage based industries for those seeking or living a more self-sufficient back-to-basics simpler lifestyle.

    Small bike trailer

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