Visiting Relatives

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    Alone the same note as FounderAnt, you have relatives visiting from the west cost when the balloon go up. now it’s a special event and all the kids and wives and kids are in town and everything goes dark. Say your son’s knows that you are a prepper but their wives don’t or may know but brush it off as being eccentric. But now you have12 people with you and you only have supplies for the two of you. Now what?

    Tell your kids they should have prepared? No you will start making plans to survive and make it known, your house your rules from the very get go. On the brighter side, you have people around you that are family that you can trust which gives you greater security for all.

    So; tell us what you have in store for those guest from far away, when the sun goes down and all gets dark. Would you tell them they are on their own? or will you organize them to help all to survive.

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