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    Last Summer I had several points of contact with the local sheriff’s office. Nothing bad, just forms for permits and stuff. :whistling:

    The staff there exemplified the service model every time I interacted with them. I called the sheriff to applaud his team for their efforts. He welcomed the call and said it was refreshing. Later I called him again to volunteer for his re-election committee so that he could continue to bring that mentality to his staff who serves the citizens of this county.

    So I plan to do just that and encourage others to do the same, even if it is just the phone call. I haven’t bothered to look up his political affiliation because it doesn’t matter. Any elected official who serves their constituents and can get an entire team to work with a supportive attituded deserves to keep their office.

    Although there are a few other bums I’d like to vote out, right now!!! :thumbdown:

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