Wanting to sell Longterm food storage ASAP movng

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    Hello, sorry I just joined, hope to participate more and figure out how the site works after we settle. Forgive me if I have not respected the usual process for joining and contacting and posting. I desperately need to sell a large longterm food supply. If anyone is interested please contact me (mobile but I live in Little Rock 703-655-6259:

    Emergency Long Term food 1yr/4ppl dehydrated/freeze dried – $500 (Little Rock)
    Thrive/Shelf reliance
    THRIVE emergency food supply yet, the Emergency Cube provides over 30,000 total servings of long-lasting freeze dried and dehydrated food in long term food storage (porcelain coated cans). Most of the cans are 25 yr, some are 5 or 10. Originally $3500 from Costco so already at a discounted price than what you would pay directly from the company.

    See link:


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