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    my husband couldn’t help but notice the un-patriotic USA uniforms. So far all we have seen is speed skating (we’re on the new version of the old “rabbit ears”) but the uniforms are a baby blue body with either black or navy arms and pants. The flag on the chest is about 1″ and the USA on the back is unnoticable. Did they do this for a reason, are we that much different than we were 2 years ago with Red, White and Blue everywhere, and people chanting “USA, USA”? I remember when I was a kid people would know about the Olympics for months beforehand, and it was a national event. Now it seems like an event to be passed, and everyone is talking about the Koreans winning hands-down. No talk about the Americans, or that “we can win it anyway” or whatever we usually say to keep our spirits up. Are we that unspirited already? Geesh, maybe this is a rant! 🙂 I just couldn’t help but post his observations here, as I have a feeling other people on these boards may have noticed something similar, or agree with my feelings on it.

    Now, Canada, on the other hand, I noticed them right away, with the bright red uniforms and the maple leaf on the front large enough to be seen – Canada written on the back large enough that I could read it. There’s some country pride there. Kymber – watch out, we’re movin on up! Mass exodus to Canada, eh? LOL

    Edited to add: And an American wins the qualifying anyway – pretty cool! Sorry, I love the olympics, you might see quite a few posts on them in the near future – unless we want to keep it all to this thread – an ongoing discussion of the Olympics, maybe?

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