Water and Southern California

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    The city of Colton suffered a lighting strike on their electrical switch yard this morning at 7 am. 50,000 people are with out power, but it also took 2 water pumps down. The hottest day this year and there is no power or water. Edison says it will be 8 to 9 hours to get back.

    This got we to mentally review my water preps. And immediately plan A has an issue. For “planning purposes”, I was counting on the water running for three days after a power outage. This how long I figured the backup generators would run. It looks like I will have to make some changes. Just don’t know what. Three days would allow me to fill my bathtub bobs, giving us 200 gallons, another 30 gallons in the water heater, and as many bottles as we can fill, or fifty gallons each for the four of us.

    Living upstairs in a condo limits any water storage. So any ideas?

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