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    So, I store gasoline in a, uh, few :innocent: 5 gallon Blitz gas cans, with , uh, appropriate :innocent: caps. What I do is place a double dose of Stabil in the can and fill it up. I write the date that I filled it on a piece of duct tape and wrap it around the handle. I have used gas that I have stored like this that was about 18 months old, but I try and cycle it out so that nothing is more than a year (preferably 6 months) old. Around December or so I start filling up my car from this gas stash, refilling the cans as I go, until everything is fresh. I keep these cans in the shed in the back yard…perhaps not the safest of set ups, but the best that I can do under my present circumstances. I have been doing this for about seven years without a problem…until recently.

    About two weeks ago we had some Noah-go-get-your-Skil-saw-and-hammer-like rain that flooded my neighborhood. Somebody went down our street in a kayak. Fortunately, no water got into our house. Unfortunately, about a foot of water got into my shed. Normally, I keep my Blitz cans off the floor sitting on shelving…however, I had recently moved them around to make it easier to rotate them and two of the cans were sitting on the floor. When I got home after the flood I found these two cans lying on their sides, on the floor of my shed. One even had its cap cracked. My shed now smells like dead dinosaur.

    My problem is, both of these cans are still pretty full. How much of their contents is water? I intend just to trash and replace the cans, but what do I do with their contents? I am not going to pour it into my car (though pouring it into a certain one of my neighbor’s car is not out of the question…). I live in a suburban area, so my country up bringing solution of just pouring it on the burn pile and lighting a match is not as much of an option…though I am considering something like that. I don’t think that it would be very safe just to drop the cans in the trash. Anyone have any suggestions? :help: I am not opposed to treating the gas and running it in my lawn mower…any suggestions on how to separate the water from the gas?

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