"Water: It’s not a right, it’s a privilege."

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    From biggovernment.com

    Officials are perplexed to find an explanation for the declining population of the delta smelt, a small bait fish. [in california] It is also true that the salmon industry is concerned. So it is understandable that regulators would force action. What is not understandable is why the game of man vs beast is tilted at every turn toward the beast.

    Consider that the judicial solution holds that if the fish population is declining, we will leave more water in the river and see if that works. No one knows if it will. Maybe there is a chemical or biological explanation, but we will take a chance because the lives of fish are at stake.

    So when a compromise solution is proposed, called the “Two Gates” project, that would restore water and possibly protect fish, the Obama administration’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salzar put the brakes on it. So we will experiment to put fish over people, but we will not experiment to put people over fish. How is that Hope and Change working for you?

    As for the rest of us, the implications are huge, not just for our food bills, but for establishing the precedent of allowing the Federal government this level of control over water. When government takes your water, they take the value of your land nay, they steal the value of your land.

    Missouri lost this battle over the last several years and unlike California, we have to drive hundreds of miles to find anything that looks like a desert. Nevertheless, the Government used the same Act to withhold water from the State after which the river is named, favoring the pallid sturgeon over farmers. Get the pattern?

    Now consider for a moment that we are not just talking about California farmers, nor just our food supply, we are talking about who controls the food supply.

    The entire article is here: http://biggovernment.com/2010/01/25/obama-to-california-water-its-not-a-right-its-a-privilege/#more-64530″ onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

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