Water Prepping Gifts for Xmas

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    Because my immediate family procrastinates prepping, I will be giving them 55 gallon drums as part of their Christmas presents. I have given 20 lb bags of rice in the past and cases of Spam, etc, but they still lack saving water like they should. They all have houses and can easily convert their gutters to harness this life saving resource, but it seems they are still 1 can short of a six pack when it comes to the seriousness of storing water. I love my family and I know many of you do, but I don’t want to wait until a disaster strike and they give me the, “I should have listened”.

    Are any of you giving the gift of prepping to your loved ones this Christmas season? I hope you do, especially if they procrastinate like mine. If not the gift of water storage units, anything in the spirit of prepping will be good.

    And if you do give the water storage prepping items, make sure you let them know about proper water storing procedures as well as filtering. Hope you have better success than mines.

    Happy Holidays!

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