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    You can boil your water at a rolling boil for 15 minutes and that will kill any critters in the water. That won’t remove them but they will be dead. At this point, the critters can’t do you or your loved ones any harm. Now at this point, if you want to get all those dead critters out, it just depends on how much money you want to spend on a filter. I don’t mind drinking a few dead critters. That is what they call protein water now days. You boil your drinking water and filter it whatever way you choose and you will be ok.


    @tcr19 wrote:

    We bought a four-year supply of MMS mineral supplement. This is two liquids you mix to form chlorine dioxide, which is a very powerful water sterilizer. Here are two links below, but there are many more.

    http://www.mmshealthy4life.com/mms-in-action.html” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    http://miraclemineral.org/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    Many people also take this to ‘detoxify’ or to treat viral and bacterial illnesses. Here is a link for what many are taking this for:

    http://JimHumble.biz/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

    As a professional skeptic of anything not big pharma (but not a fan of big pharma) I had my doubts. But I can tell you that I have taken it at the onset of several viral and other illnesses and it seems to knock it out.

    TCR19….Welcome to the board! as for the MMS links you provided – i just had a quick read through. thank you for sharing this! i am going to do some more reading about MMS!


    The Biosand Water Filter looks good; the first one I saw, though, had activated charcoal above the gravel to do extra purification. NOT charcoal from briquettes; activated charcoal. NEVER try using charcoal from briquettes for any filtering. They make the briquettes out of an interesting assortment of … stuff … so it’s really only good for cooking your hot dogs on the weekend.

    To make activated charcoal, you first need to make charcoal. Charcoal is made by heating wood so that all the water, sap, and everything that isn’t carbon gets driven out of the wood. This is wood gas, and can be used by itself to drive engines, etc. You can find out about making charcoal at this YouTube video by VictoryGasworks, “How to make charcoal like a (eco) redneck“.

    In the video, he doesn’t cook his wood long enough — only 3 hours. You need to cook it at least 4 and preferably 6 hours, making sure you let it cool completely before opening the can. Otherwise, you risk the charcoal just bursting into flame, and there goes your charcoal. Once your charcoal is made, then you need to activate it.

    Charcoal works as a detoxifier / purifier because the bad chemicals bind to the carbon. The more surface area, the more carbon is exposed to grab the chemicals. Activated charcoal has an increased surface area because the activation causes pits in the surface. You create these pits by soaking each piece of charcoal in sulfuric acid or nitric acid for about 5 minutes or so. Then you stick the charcoal back in the can, seal it up, and put it back on the fire for another four hours.

    When it’s done cooking and has cooled down, break the activated charcoal down into gravel-sized pieces and put it above the gravel and below the sand layer of the water filter. Keep some of the activated charcoal out and grind it into a powder, and keep it in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit for poison control.


    This is an excellent thread on water purification and pool shock…. This was posted several years ago however…..
    are there any new findings about water purification since then? or does this information pretty much still hold true?..
    Pool Shock is on my spring shopping list….


    A slow sand filter should take care of raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris spp) eggs. These suckers big for parasite eggs, even larger than dog roundworm eggs. They are 80-85 µm x 65-70 µm (microns) in size. Basic filters should have no problem catching them.

    Young children are the most likely victims of this parasite, due to their habit of picking things up off the ground and then sticking their hands in their mouths. There is a treatment to kill the adult worms, but it doesn’t kill the larvae — I have never heard that anything will. The larvae can produce brain damage, destruction of the retina of the eye and possibly death.

    Raccoon poop looks similar to that of a medium-sized dog. If you look closely, you may see berry seeds or the hard parts of insects in it. Also, raccoons prefer to defecate repeatedly in the same place, at the base of trees or woodpiles, along fences, on roofs or in unsealed attics. If you see droppings under a tree or along a fence, shovel it up, taking some of the soil below it also, and discard in a safe place, or burn it. The only way to kill the eggs is with a lye solution, a propane flamer, or building a fire on the spot (which you can’t do on your roof).

    If you plan to collect water off your roof, go up there and look for signs that they have been there, and eliminate their access. If you do find them on your roof, I would either run all of the collected water through a filter, or use another source for water collection, like sheet plastic, as the eggs themselves are sticky and hard to remove from any surface (and since you can’t see them with the naked eye, you can’t know if you’ve succeeded in removing all of them or not).

    The eggs become infective in 14-30 days, and the outer membrane of the egg hardens to the point where the eggs are practically impervious to extremes of heat or cold, and can survive for several years (possibly many years) in the soil. The eggs are sticky, and some will be left behind if you just pick them up with a paper towel or something. If you even think you’ve possibly made contact with raccoon droppings, stop what you’re doing and wash your hands repeatedly.

    Dogs can also serve as the hosts for the adult stage of this parasite.

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