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    Been slacking on my prepping a few weeks but back on board. Since I am using two IBC 300 gallon totes to store potable water outside, I had to wrap them in black industrial plastic to keep them from the sun. Otherwise, I could be growing algae and junk instead of having nice clean water. If you’re thinking of doing the same, just get those long rolls from any hardware store that is 10 feet wide and about 30 feet long. For two of my totes, I just simply cut them in half and wrap them like a big present. Do not forget to buy a star wrench to open those metal holders at the top of the cage up to take the totes out of the cage to wrap them. I decided to go with the IBC totes because: 1) it has a smaller footprint; 2) it holds way more water than the bunch of 55 galloon barrels in that smaller space; 3) already has a spout; 4) stacking them 1 on top the other requires no building any stands like the 55 gallon drums.

    I also did not want to build an outside slow sand filter so I treated myself to a Crown Berkey filter and finding IMHO this is ACTUALLY cheaper and most reliable than many other methods. It was like an early Xmas. It filters about 6 gallons an hour, perfect for my needs as I plan to help alot of people in my circle of prepper friends and their families should something happen. Along with the other water catchement barrels, my garden and water storage will have ample supply if the SHTF. Only thing is disguising it in the backyard as I do not want prying eyes checking anything out. Also have portable water in case of bug out situation but definately feeling good that this is the end of my water planning stage (cross fingers).

    If you haven’t started storing water yet for your family, get going. Use smaller methods (empty 2 liter soda bottles) and move up like I did. Great peace of mind!

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