We have a Bobcat!

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    I was so excited, we were on our way to dinner about 5PM yesterday. About a mile from the house we say this big cat walking across the road. It really got my husband and I he said you know what that is? He said its a bobcat, I had never seen one in the wild before. He grew up maybe another mile from the spot, he said he saw some in the same area when he was a kid. I couldn’t believe it and neither of us had the presence of mind to snap a photo. They have been reported now and then in counties east of us but not here far as I know. It was a beauty, healthy looking.

    I wrote the IDN Resources and reported it, wonder if I will get a response back. There are a lot of woods around here and creeks and rivers nearby. Also maybe 6000 acres with no hunting allowed so it makes sense. But just wow. My husband said he also saw some wolves when he was little but thinks there was only 1 family. A neighbor of theirs had dug the pups out of a den and raised them. He said they were so mean they couldn’t do anything with them. He said he expects them to be back next if they aren’t already.

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